1. directly from stock
  2. transport and installation possible
  3. fully furnished

Unique concept

Entrepreneurs in the recreational sector have always been dependent on dealers for the purchase of new caravans and chalets. The dealers in their turn buy from the importers, who have fixed agreements with the manufacturers. Negotiations take place within a fixed framework and we depend on price agreements. We believe that this is outdated in today’s world of transparency! Following consultations with Delta Caravans, we developed a unique concept for the recreational sector and the entrepreneurs operating therein.

Delta Caravans (UK) and Recreahome believe in the same philosophy and have entered into a unique and long-term partnership to make the purchase of caravans and chalets more transparent and cheaper for recreational entrepreneurs. It is a business-to-business concept and, as a recreational entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the many benefits offered for buy-to-let caravans / chalets and those for your own sales.

You work under your own private label, both for caravans / chalets for your rental fleet or your own sales. We do not impose sales prices. You are entirely free to set your own. After all, the environment and location ultimately also affect the sales price. You are entirely free in your actions and share in the price advantage!